Sunday, 16 February 2020

Church WIP Part 4

Quick pics with the majority of the painting done. Just the doors/hatch and the dirt to paint. The altar  is about as good it will get for some off cuts of pvcfoam, XPS foam and some tissue paper. The cross is from the Renedra graveyard sprue. It’s not permanent so can be removed/replaced as needed, but does for now.

Phone pics again, which really don’t capture the colours well at all.

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Church WIP Adjunct

As the main build nears completion, I thought I’d look at the lich gate I got from Petite Properties (a dolls house manufacturer that is highly recommended - the 1/4 furniture and trappings work well with 28mm), which as you can see is a little too tall compared to the porch so that will need some alterations (1/4 scale dolls house buildings tend to be a little tall compared to the chubbier 28mm stuff which is of course not a true ‘scale’).

Monday, 27 January 2020

Church WIP Part 3

OK, pimping almost finished... 

So, onto the basic mdf walls I added 1mm foampvc to the outer walls and added the aforementioned wallpaper. The window frames sit just above the wallpaper layer which I like, plasticard window sills and Slaters quoin for the corners. Some cutting of the corners we needed to allow the quoins to sit flush, which was miscalculated at some points, so quite a bit of green stuff needed there. 

For the inside, I ordered a spare window set from the same company and used those to give extra detail inside. I also used 2mm foampvc to thicken the walls again. These are slightly above the window frames, which works better for the inside (for me anyway).

Stone pattern plasticard for the floor, plastic trim in the tower. Scratch built double doors. Quite pleased with it all so far. Just need to finish the top of the tower and then texture the interior walls. And then the roof...

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Church WIP Part 2

Ok, so after a lot of pondering work has commenced. A fellow on a Facebook group (that escapes me right now) offered some wallpaper he has that gives a flint finish, that is in hand and does look rather good. However preliminary pimping needs to be done before all of that. 

A common complaint of MDF kits is that everything is the same thickness and this is true here, the window details that go on over the ones in the wall are 2mm thick and look a tad heavy, the easiest option was to clad the walls in 1mm material, reducing the overhang - this will be even less once the wallpaper is applied. I also decided to flip the far long wall, so it’s windows were symmetrical ( a common design feature) - I don’t know why they aren’t but hey... a tenner... there won’t be room for a pulpit, it’s too small a church and the one in my village growing up never had one, but there will be room for the altar and a font at the tower end. 

I need to do stone paving for the floor, may chuck in some interior gravestones... I used to invigilate exams in Blackfriars Hall in Norwich and would read the floor gravestones as I wandered the aisles of desks. They probably have a proper name, but I don’t know it...

Sunday, 8 December 2019

Church WIP Part 1

Ok, so about time I did a church...

An unusually appropriately targeted Facebook ad told of a sale on mdf scenery at Wargames Tournaments and a casual browse gave this little church for a tenner (and I think it was free postage as well), so as I pimp up mdf anyway, bare bones for a tenner worked for me...

It’s not bad for the money, the door will need cutting out, but that’s fine, and and laser cut brick texture would be covered anyway so the lack of that in this kit is fine as well. It’s just put together here, no glue as the pimping will be easier on flat pieces. There are decorative window trims as well.

The only two downsides I can see is that one tower wall is too short (above), but that’s fixable and I’m not sure how the roof goes together, no instructions came with it but the rest is obvious and I’ll probably have to tinker anyway as any wall pimping will need to be taken into account. All in all not too bad...

Just need to see the best way to get some big brick work on there.

Saturday, 21 September 2019


and the cart store/barn - another Blotz kit, I only used the provided beams for the front because - arches... the other sides I did with balsa as usual.. the Blotz beams are serviceable, but they just differ too much from my other buildings... I did try them, but end up stripping them and redoing it all. I tried the brick pattern for the lower panels as well, but I just didn't like the look, so liquid g/s over those bits.


rooftiles and spare wheel from, pick axe from I honestly don't remember (came on a sprue with a shovel, sledge hammer and a hoe), the hook was just balsa and plastic rod... just a little bit of something to tart the inside of an otherwise simple building...