Thursday, 28 May 2009

Imperial Daleks

Some catch up photos... my Imperial Daleks were done ages back, but got lost in the reboot/purge... anyhoo...

Imperial Daleks as seen in Remembrance of the Daleks... 10 Warrior Daleks and the Special Weapons Dalek:

The Emperor with a Black Command Dalek (can't have the Emperor in the field every single game now) and Engineer Dalek:

The Emperor Dalek and the Emperor/Davros:

and some Spider Daleks... some nice if pricey models from Reviresco based on an online fan design based on a couple of scenes in the really terrible novel War of the Daleks:

And for allies, there are some Robomen along with a couple of Slythers...


Unknown said...

Hi there, those spider Daleks are fantastic, I would love to know; where did you obtain them?


anevilgiraffe said...

as it says in the post, Reviresco ; )

although their website is awful, so I can't link to the correct page. Look under sci-fi robots.

Anonymous said...

How did you convert the emperor dalek/davros?.

Cal said...

Wow thats a very impressive collection! How did you convert/get hold of the emperor davros? :)