Wednesday, 2 May 2012

the swimmer WIP

a bit of silliness really, but I had the armoured pikeman on the sprue and was wondering what I could do with him... historically, witches of course would be swam, this entailed more than just chucking them in the river as you needed to get them out again so the witches were usually tied by rope to men on either bank or in boats...  if they floated, they would be hauled out and prosecuted for witchcraft - which would I assume depend on how much slack the swimmers on either bank gave the rope... anyway, with this image in my noggin, I fancied trying something different with some wire I have kicking about and figured that in a gaming situation, the swimmer would need to catch the witch in the first place... the fact that he's wearing plate armour so he can get close to the target just screamed do it... so there you go, no idea if he'll get finished or even have a practical role in a game, but he's there...

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