Wednesday, 24 September 2014

and I'm back...

OK, after a period of mojo recovery, I've been busy - sadly some of that was a build up, review, tear down kind of busy, but the corrections (note the plural there) were worthwhile.

The bridge slots on nicely and will lead to something I haven't come up with yet, I've decided not to use the hexagonal platforms on the corners as they look odd with the rear bits built up, so I've done a simple platform for security, am still working on ideas for the other corner.

I wanted an open area down into the engineeringy section, but that took a couple of attempts until I got something I liked. Even then, it didn't quite work, so I raised it slightly to give the joining bridge more clearance. That was too tall to join with the far build as I planned, so that got lowered. I plan that part to be quite tall, but haven't the foampvc at the moment to complete the walls. I dread to think how much got used on false starts to get cut off again.

Anyway, I didn't take a photo of the interior of the far build, but a recessed door has been built - I'm trying to take a leaf from BBC set design with the doors and split level floors. The recess should also give Vila some cover while he picks the lock. 

Quite a successful change has been the doors - I stumbled upon some hobby sheet aluminium, with a few scores from a scalpel, it's snapped to size and sanded down - it's quite rigid and has a nice finish, although I initially thought metal would be handy as a material if the paint should get worn off from use, it's kind of works as it is.

And that's about it really - am kind of stalled as I need some stairs in order to really advance the builds at this point, but that is in hand.


Monkeylite said...

Wow, looking great.

Jet Simian said...

Hooray! Welcome back, and great to see the project is still alive :)