Sunday, 2 August 2015

Mad Max: Thunder Road

Like pretty much everyone in the hobby, Mad Max was a major inspiration, unfortunately practicallity meant doing the 28mm versions doing the various rounds was just too big a project to store along with everything else (besides my brother got custody of Dark Future when we grew up and moved out) - although the two version of Furiosa out there are both getting bought at some point...

Anyway, as I think I've mentioned in some older posts, I've rediscovered boardgames in a big way, so this dovetails nicely with this:

The base game is fine and the copy I picked up is only lacking one gyrocopter, but of course although the obvious inspirations with the not-Interceptor and the not-Humungous Wagon, it wasn't Max enough for me. After looking around I plumped for some lovely US N scale (1/160) railway stuff which had the kind of cars that would fit the look of the film. These are much smaller than the game cars which is fine by me as I have some thoughts about tweaking the rules for boarding actions, and you can get two of these cars side by side in the same space which works for me - there are also some lovely rigs and even a bigfoot in this scale so planning ahead I'm set. 

There is actually a 1/160 V8 Interceptor on Shapeways, but that is not as detailed and around £8 so sod that for a whim, Unfortunately, there is a lack of Ford Falcons at this scale, so I picked up a reasonably close match (an '82 Chevy Camaro) and g/s'd the crap out of it. I bought some extra tires as well (4x4 off road and larger lorry tires) to replace the more flimsy looking in scale street tires they all come with. The gunner is a British Falklands War MG from Pendraken in 10mm, heavily cut down and needing a bit more work at the moment. These will proxy as Avengers (Thunder Road's Interceptor proxies) in the game:

I need to source some suitable figures for Warboys on the back of the Doom Buggy proxies:

The exhausts are the narrowest plastic rod I have kicking about and I have some very narrow nesting tube on the way for lances. And just to give the size some perspective:

The size is a bit of a mixed blessing, but allows me to do some rough converting and so far I'm quite happy. This is a major long haul though, as I need to slowly acquire all the vehicles I want - two Doom Buggies instead of the boardgames one, various different cars for the Eliminators, including an idea for Pole Cats if I can find some suitable figures (N scale mountaineers seem possible)... and of course a War Rig. Time will tell.


Simon Quinton said...

They look good. Don't forget the Bombshell babes Post Apoc babe.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to lie. I could use some links for SEO purposes. On the bright side, you'll be saving countless souls from months if not years of torment and poverty.

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