Thursday, 27 August 2020

Angel’s playmates...

“Dreadful things are commonplace and mere children commit the foulest deeds.”

Quick paint jobs to finish figures started years ago, Angel’s followers from Blood On Satan’s Claw - a mix of the village children and the elderly that played her games and sacrificed toward the construction of the demon.

First up, the elders and the young lad - three Warlord Games figures (two from the ECW Clubmen set and one from the Ancient Celts range with a greenstuff apron and bonnet/hair if memory serves - it was a long time ago) and the old man from Hasslefree with g/s puffling pants loose hose and untucked shirt. The older clubman woman had a bit of a miscast hand, so in keeping with the sacrifices made, I lopped it off and g/s some bandages...

And the children, these three are from Hasslefree, again with g/s puffling pants on the boy.

And then three from Reaper, again g/s puffling pants on what is otherwise a generic medieval fantasy look. The nightshirted boy and the baby are personal favourites. Silly little figures.

These were painted in the heatwave a week or so ago, quite pleased that was even possible to paint them, but couldn’t varnish or flock them because of the same heat, so they had to wait and then got side tracked by the churchyard...

The family portrait at the top included Angel, her demon and an old druidess figure that I painted yonks ago and has migrated into this project as she kind of fits. I think she’s from Warlord but not completely sure, I just like the naked old witch vibe that fits Angel’s followers.

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