Monday, 26 April 2021

Bloody Miniatures

Some splendid 28mm minis from Bloody Miniatures, a project from Captain Blood on the Lead Adventure Forum. I absolutely loved them and, despite budgeting, bought the swordsmen and dismounted cavalrymen packs. I’d not been that keen to paint anything for a while so was not put off by the larger 28mm advisory - the range is designed to compliment Renegade Miniatures range I believe. Sadly, when compared to my existing minis and scenery, it’s noticeable and I knew I’d never use them. But I wanted to paint them and so I did. They will probably end up on eBay which is a first for me.

And alongside the Warlord Games miniatures I've got.

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Friends Of General Haig said...

Wonderful paint job on those 👍.. I agree it’s as great range. I will keep them is separate units probably.