Saturday, 19 February 2022

Hobgoblin and Pixie for the Silver Bayonet

More creatures for the Silver Bayonet. 

In TSB, hobgoblins are humans warped and corrupted by the fairy world. This fella was a joy to paint. A 3D printed Hill Giant, in a small scale, so not so giant. Turns out I need two, so will need to get another one.

Base still to do as I wait for decent spraying weather.

And a 10mm Wood Elf Sorceress for my Pixie. Another 3D print from Etsy.  I removed the excessive flower/nature spell effect though. Amazing detail on something so small.

Size comparison…


Allison M. said...
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Allison M. said...

I mean, I'm more used to hobgoblins roaming around with furry helmets and big swords.. but this guy showing up with just his dingus out works too I guess 😆😬. His skin tone is fantastic, which is good because there's so much of it.

For some reason, I feel like fairies are typically depicted in blue/green tones, so orange was a distinctive choice for this one.