Sunday 10 December 2023

More British for The Silver Bayonet

Couple more options for the British roster, a junior officer and a light cavalryman. No interest in painting another horse.

The junior officer is from Warlord. I got it from eBay and turns out it’s only available as part of an army bundle. A nice, quirky model.

The cavalryman is from Perry. Unlike the Perry French they don’t do a dismounted sprue, so had to get one of the metal ones. I picked up a single sprue for the cavalryman and modified one of the French horses, so the bedroll looked more like the British one, the rest I put down to looted gear.

Thursday 7 December 2023

CD bases

So, November got away from me. Some more Silver Bayonet figures on the horizon, just need to varnish. In the meantime, a recent post on the Silver Bayonet Facebook page reminded me I did a load of CD scatter terrain a while back and never shared it. I’ve added a tag of CD Bases to old posts just to highlight them. These are mainly standard CDs, with the very last of the mini CDs I had stashed.

Rocks are tree bark from Geek Gaming Scenics, with some spiral carved rocks from Fenris Games. A slightly modified (it was a miscast freebie from the ever generous Ian) mausoleum is also from Fenris Games. Other scatter is intended to give a more blasted heath feel, with slight dirt uplifts and broken ground. I cut back on the flowers for those ones. Anyway, photo dump…

Saturday 21 October 2023

Sci-fi City Block WIP 5

Some alternate buttress toppers for when the eagles don’t fit the theme. Made from plasticard, foampvc and some spares for the old Palitoy Millennium Falcon that I got cheap. Magnetised as the eagles.

Sunday 8 October 2023

Friday 29 September 2023

Sci-fi City Block WIP 3

Art Deco eagles for a Mega-City One flavour. The eagle heads are from a TTCombat building corner gargoyle set, which I can no longer find on their site now. Pimped them up with various precut MDF pieces from eBay for the body and wings.

Lord Summerisle was weekending on my desk.


Monday 25 September 2023

Sci-fi City Block WIP 2

 So… yeah, bigger than planned, but I’m liking it. Feels right. Hope the paint job feels as right. Planning on setting specific magnetised signs and statues to keep it flexible.