Wednesday 1 January 2020

Church WIP Part 2

Ok, so after a lot of pondering work has commenced. A fellow on a Facebook group (that escapes me right now) offered some wallpaper he has that gives a flint finish, that is in hand and does look rather good. However preliminary pimping needs to be done before all of that. 

A common complaint of MDF kits is that everything is the same thickness and this is true here, the window details that go on over the ones in the wall are 2mm thick and look a tad heavy, the easiest option was to clad the walls in 1mm material, reducing the overhang - this will be even less once the wallpaper is applied. I also decided to flip the far long wall, so it’s windows were symmetrical ( a common design feature) - I don’t know why they aren’t but hey... a tenner... there won’t be room for a pulpit, it’s too small a church and the one in my village growing up never had one, but there will be room for the altar and a font at the tower end. 

I need to do stone paving for the floor, may chuck in some interior gravestones... I used to invigilate exams in Blackfriars Hall in Norwich and would read the floor gravestones as I wandered the aisles of desks. They probably have a proper name, but I don’t know it...