Wednesday 24 August 2022

must be a blue moon…

 … as apparently I painted something!

OK, I did these back in June I think but didn’t add the grass and tufts until this weekend gone. It’s been quiet over the summer though, job is knackering me and free time is limited. The heat didn’t help. But I did eke some stuff out, including some bark rocks and these fellas… werewolves and a changeling for The Silver Bayonet.

3D prints from Etsy, lovely minis. They’re about the height of a Perry human so not too massive, although I’ve based them on 30mm bases.

The changeling is also a 3D print from Etsy, some kind of Wood Elf creature I think. I absolutely love it and figured it could pass as a changeling as described in the rules, with a more natural magic feel to it. Slender but perfect for a 25mm base.