Tuesday 10 September 2013

panelling WIP

ok, not the best pics, and a very messy WIP (g/s mainly and some black paint as I realised I had some overhangs that would only prove trickier down the line) 

Upstairs view of the hall - upstairs window still to be cut out in case you were wondering:

And the downstairs main hall, the little laser cut panels don't half show up some hinky angles. The Tudor panesl are a very cool new product from Fenris - but even the slightest out right angle is visible, so that's been fiddled and hidden as best as I can. Final paint job should hide all of that:

Also, a couple of doors have been shifted slightly to allow for the panels to fit nicely, annoying, but minor - although I hadn't really considered the panels back when I did the basic build, so still a learning curve...

Fireplace is scratch built after all, as are the stairs and bannisters (toothpicks and Empire Knight heads for the panther heads), hatch in the back has a ring courtesy of some Empire bit I forget, need to do the render in there. Still pondering stone for the outer lower walls...