Thursday 28 May 2009


Again, some old models, rebased... some Robomen allies for the Imperial Daleks:

The standard Black Tree Design models, with a female recruit from Artizan Designs (for equal opportunity enslavement):

Renegade Daleks

More catch up photos... again, my Renegade Daleks were done ages back, but got lost in the reboot/purge... anyhoo...

for the Renegade Daleks I went with the panzer grey finish of Genesis of the Daleks (complete with Aryan blue eyepiece)... although not strictly renegade at that point, they are a nice colour scheme, and Davros in black is waiting to join them at some point... 11 Warrior Daleks and the Special Weapons Dalek (not strictly canon but hey...):

A couple more specialised Dalek types... first off, from the Daleks Master Plan, Warrior Daleks equiped with flame units, just what you need for clearing a path in the jungles of Kembel:

... and from Destiny of the Daleks, Suicide Daleks:

And finally, a couple of command options, the Gold Dalek from Day of the Daleks and the Black Dalek from Resurrection of the Daleks and Remembrance of the Daleks:

There is an Engineer Dalek as well, but I appear to have forgotten to include him in the photos... and they do have some Ogron allies waiting for them...

Imperial Daleks

Some catch up photos... my Imperial Daleks were done ages back, but got lost in the reboot/purge... anyhoo...

Imperial Daleks as seen in Remembrance of the Daleks... 10 Warrior Daleks and the Special Weapons Dalek:

The Emperor with a Black Command Dalek (can't have the Emperor in the field every single game now) and Engineer Dalek:

The Emperor Dalek and the Emperor/Davros:

and some Spider Daleks... some nice if pricey models from Reviresco based on an online fan design based on a couple of scenes in the really terrible novel War of the Daleks:

And for allies, there are some Robomen along with a couple of Slythers...