Monday 17 June 2013

the pub/manor/farmhouse WIP

ok, basic walls for the pub/manor/farmhouse

some interior walls needed, stairs aren't attached just yet... most furnishings won't be, so I can swap out for pub/homely furniture and so on...

I've altered the original footprint, so the building conforms slightly more to the classic T plan, this just meant narrowing the main hall - which has actually helped with a problem I hadn't forseen with the overhang needing to cover the bay window, it would have stuck out too much if it was flush with the main door wall as it was... this way is much better.

have skimped a bit on windows, I want a few plain walls to have some flexiblity with adjacent buildings/lean-to's and the upper floor will have plenty of light down into the hall... it should make sense... there will be a small back room for shady dealings and a hefty door - a cellar hatch gives some scope for smuggling and a passage into the neighbouring stables to avoid the local constable.