Monday 3 April 2023

A French Unit

 No fluff for these yet, but painted the French unit.

The officer is from a Victrix sprue with a Perry head. Sadly the Victrix sprue isn’t brilliant, but this figure was fine.

A Supernatural Investigator, the first variation from the building a squad from a sprue, another figure from the Perry Royal Navy Landing Party. I figured he had a student of the Revolution look about him.

A pioneer, straight from the Perry sprue. Nothing sophisticated here.

A dragoon for a light cavalryman, from Perry and separate from the build WIP post. The Perry dismounted dragoon is a lovely figure so I had to try for a cavalry unit. This is the second horse I’ve ever painted (well third including the folk horror Oss), the first was a mounted Elf hero for a friend’s WHFB army in the very late eighties, so I was probably overdue. Lovely figures and definitely tempted to do more.

A guardsman, this is another difference to the build WIP post, the original was from the Victrix sprue but as I progressed I went off it and went back to the Perry sprue, which just confirms that you can get a decent squad from a single sprue.

And a couple of infantrymen, again nothing exciting, straight from the Perry sprue.

I have a doctor and a vivandiere that will give an option for the remaining ten requisition points.

Black Dogs

The last items on the bestiary for the core rule book are Black Dogs. I did one a couple of years back for my folk horror project, but needed two for the Silver Bayonet. I wasn’t going to attempt to match the conversion work I did then, so needed two more. I had these 3D printed Wargs, and they will do for now. I’m not really sold on them, but they’ll do.