Sunday 16 August 2015


A reasonably productive weekend:

N scale 1/160, two resin Coupe's and a plastic VW Beetle, post-apocalypsed up and painted. Vaguely aiming for something akin to the boardgame team colours, do have a third Coupe but haven't settled on the colour yet.

Warboys are courtesy of Hawk Wargames 10mm Dropzone Commander Resistance Berserker Infantry, slightly converted (thunderlances instead of the massive lump hammers - I kept the chainsaw weilding fella as it seemed very in theme) and very scarily unbased and pinned to the cars. They are remarkably detailed for 10mm sculpts, but that does mean that they are also very dainty and pinning the feet just wasn't possible, so after some drastic experimentation, I just removed a leg completely, pinned directly into the body and sculpted a new leg around the wire. Drastic, but it worked surprisingly well. The lances are different thicknesses of wire, although those on the cars are thicker as they kind of form a roll cage.

The VW was a little plastic model from Germany via eBay - it was a pack of 10, although one died as I attempted to spike it up for the Buzzards. a couple will be used for the back of the War Rig when that ever happens.

Now the VW's were bog standard looking jobbies, so wheels were replaced, and (quite proud of this one) a larger engine fitted with an exposed rear (thanks Google images). The engine is a 1/160 V8 that I tracked down in Japan, frame and exhausts from wire. I've a few more of those for various purposes in this project. But a gratuitous rear shot as I'm quite chuffed:

I'm going to need more bits from Hawk Wargames I reckon - some very useful bits there, but for a start, I'm happy with these 3 Doom Buggy proxies.