Monday 6 April 2020

The Mad Mummers

Part of the Mad Mummers for my Folk Horror project... crazed performers and morrisers...

The first chap is the King/Fool, a Warlord Games Agitator with a head from Statuesque Miniatures asylum inmates (there are so few smiling heads out there - annoyingly my rusty paint skills has kind of lost the maniacal grin and given something a bit more gentle, still mad, but more deluded). Fools bladder from greenstuff and a wooden crown from plastic tube, with spiky bits filed into it. Very chuffed with him.

Next is the Strawbear from Crooked Dice, simply a delight to paint, simple and clean. Lovely mini.

Finally a masked fellow, a Redoubt Miniatures figure that I’ve had for years. He got a new head and a greenstuff mask added. He had a comedy hump for while, ala the Wicker Man, but I think it’s better without.

So, these and the ghosts are the first minis I’ve painted for a few years, these chaps came out a bit dark I think, compared to my usual style... probably a bit heavy with the washes...