Monday 9 September 2013

Frothers Charity Thingy - now with added Tanks...

sigh... Tank Girl...
Here we go again in another shameless attempt to raise as much money for Charity as possible
The Next Frothers Charity Thingy

Most of you will know how this works by now but, those who don’t, here’s what it’s all about…

Every year(ish) we try and raise a few bob for Charities; specifically Cancer Research and the MS Society...

We do this by producing some very special miniatures and you do this by making a donation direct to the charities via two dedicated Just Giving pages. But, more of that later.

We’re extremely pleased that this time, in addition to our ‘usual suspects’ we’ve recruited a few new ones

Cast & Crew:

Miniature sculpting genius (read that as you will) Kev White of Hasslefree Miniatures needs no introduction (although he does regularly need a stepladder if anyone has a spare). Friend to the Gurkhas and all round top bloke.

Ian ‘Geronimo’ Brumby of Fenris Games and Cthulu Wars is also back again and this time we’ve let him off basing duties so he can make something bigger, much bigger assuming the tentacles don’t get him first…..

Jo ‘Snuurg’ Brumby is also back for a second year on creature duties – we’re really grateful both the guys are finding time to help us especially with how busy they are – stars, the pair of them.

Steve ‘Relic’ Blunt is another who’s a glutton for punishment – he’s a relative newcomer to the putty pushing lark but, as anyone who saw last year’s Aquila knows, he’s a bit handy

And where would we be without a mould maker and caster? Nowhere, that’s where. Luckily they don’t come much better than Pete Brown. He makes a lousy cup of coffee but, thankfully, he’s much better with rubber and white metal.

The Mystery Frother – once again we’re incredibly thankful to the assistance of the MF who has, most generously, offered to subsidise the postage – without his help this project would be almost impossible to run.

And joining up for the first time we welcome aboard

Nigel Higgins, a man who had enough sense to get out of the gaming industry but still, thankfully, retains several odd habits like supporting West Ham and searching for ghosts. He’s also a master of cutting up and sticking little bits of plasticard together so we’ve put him in charge of the fiddly bits.

Offering advice and assistance to Nigel and Ian is Ian Crouch; a danger to Kentish wildlife and a man once described as ‘looking like a psychopathic Russian hitman’. Personally I think that’s a bit hard on psychopathic Russian hitmen.

Last, but by no means, least, we’re incredibly grateful to top artist and all round good egg, Rufus Dayglo for the artwork for this years’ postcard. Ruf is possibly best known for his work drawing the Nesquik Rabbit (ducks and runs for cover) as well as 2000AD, DC Comics, Tank Girl and many, many others.

We thought long and hard about the subject for this years’ Charity Thingy (no we didn’t) – trying to find a character that accurately sums up what Frothers is all about; loud, anarchic, foul-mouthed, probably a bit smelly and having an unhealthy interest in animals, guns and armoured vehicles. It could only be the one, and only…


Last time we raised £9,000 for the 2 charities – this time we want to raise a lot more.

To aid this…

Kev will be sculpting Tankie
Steve will be sculpting Booga
Jo will be sculpting Camp Koala
Ian (assisted by Nige & the other Ian) will be sculpting the Tank. Yes, you heard that right, the Tank!

Tank Girl, Booga & Camp Koala will be cast in white metal and limited to 200 casting initially and each Tank Girl miniature will be accompanied by an exclusive Rufus Dayglo postcard.

The Tank will be cast in resin and will be available in much more limited numbers.

So how do I get one?

Simple make a donation to one (or both) of the charities via the Just Giving pages:

Cancer Research:

MS Society: ... ityThingy2 ... ityThingy1

And then, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT, send us an e-mail to including:

1) Your Name
2) The address you want the mini(s) sent to
3) Your Just Giving donation reference number

If you don’t do this we don’t know where to send them!

How much of money should I donate?

All of it, of course! Seriously, we want to raise as much as is possible.

Suggested donations are:
Tank Girl £20
TG, Booga & Camp Koala £35
TG, Booga, Camp Koala and the Tank £70

When will I get them?

We’re hoping to have the sculpts ready to show by Dec 1 and going off for casting as soon as possible afterwards – veterans will know that this doesn’t always go to plan; everyone involved is doing this in their spare time for nothing – no individual or company makes anything out of this so please be patient and we’ll try (for once) to get everything out to you as soon as humanly possible.

Cheers, and many thanks,


Tank Girl was created by Alan Martin and Jamie Hewitt – without them this wouldn't be happening

sadly, all the tanks are now allocated, but that shouldn't stop anyone...