Friday 17 July 2020


I figured a bit of an update to the banner was needed, as the old logo dated from 2014 or thereabouts. As Who has been on the back burner for sometime, I figured something a bit folky would be appropriate. Quick and dirty, found a woodcut of a giraffe though which was nice...

Tuesday 14 July 2020

Churchyard WIP

OK, so the church needs a yard... I’ve been working on this off and on for a while, mainly staring and planning and changing my mind... this is the one I’ve settled on...

It’s foampvc for a base (although it feels a tad softer than the normal stuff I use), with insulation foam for the raised ground. There is a footprint for the church at the back. I cut up the Petite Properties lych gate so it was smaller by removing the centre sections and scratch built some walls for the gate. Gravestones are from Renedra and a couple from Fenris Games for a slightly more macabre feel. The facing of the graves was dictated by the church, as graves and altar face east as is normal for churchyards (although not compulsory). 30mm slotta base for scale (as that is what the ghosts are based on).


The arch of the gate will remain loose, slotting into the walls. This means it acts an anchor point as the yard is in two A4 pieces for storage, the seam hidden by the edge of the path and the church itself.

Just waiting for the walls to set... hoping that curve will stay, but I may leave the pins in.

Thursday 2 July 2020

Roads done...

So, roads are painted, grey stone with dabs of green and mud wash, and streaks of sepia wash. I added some earth and grass on a couple to represent a lack of maintenance.

I also did a some horse dung that hasn’t been cleaned up yet...

Quite happy with how the junctions look, they work without the additional road as well.