Saturday 23 November 2013


Ok, timbering done, need to do the curved corner timbers, some distressing with the wire brushes, inevitable g/s repairs, then window sills from matchsticks and the rendering... and tiles, getting a bit worried about the roof tiles now, the cobbled together nature of my build may not lend itself very well to lots and lots of narrow horizontal lines... 

And, added a couple of dormer windows for the attic to the rear of the house, decided the roof was to much of a featureless expanse and windows looking down into a courtyard at the rear would make sense for a working inn. The chimney was a bit of a bugger, initially it was much thicked, but decided to narrow it down, stil undecided on the top, a couple of pots are possible. Also, I'd initially placed the breaks level with the floor breaks, but this meant exactly matching that, so it was easier to make the break higher up, so each floors chimney extends into the next floor - this also helps serve as anchor points for each floor, as do the attic dormers.

There is also a little detail on the end of the main part of the building, a vent for an internal smoke bay, which would be under the stairs to the attic. This does serve a purpose for when the rear room on the ground floor is kitted out to be a kitchen. Planning you see...

I need to get some figures painted soon though, been a while and starting to get that itch, especially with Dr Payne from Heresy and today being, well, you know...

Tuesday 29 October 2013

the Apostle WIP

A little WIP, undecided on hair (again), also need to get some different heads...

As I had the idea for him, he became affectionately known as John Wootton in my head, although I quite like the nickname The Apostle as well... I had thought of Red Right Hand as well, but that fits more of a organisation, so will save that for my Church hunters.

The body is from the Warlord Pike & Shotte infantry sprue, arms and boots from the command sprue (Warlord is currently offering the sprues for half price if anyone is interested - or were last time I looked anyway). The head is of course another Hasslefree one.

Monday 21 October 2013

more walls and doors

quick update, despite the time between updates, nothing much appears to have been done, but it has, and undone, and picked apart, and then repairs made, and then done again...

very poor photo, but hopefully you can see some detail on the doors, there are two doors with a little viewing hatch in, one will be the front door, the other will be swappable with the back door or the door into the back room den as needed. door handles are to follow, I have an idea, but it will have to wait until after payday.

starting to think of furniture and decorations, need animal heads for the walls...

Monday 30 September 2013

Star Wars Silent Death

ok, so as the fleet scale idea kind of fizzled away, discovering the rules for Star Wars Silent Death online was at least something and as great a game as X-wing looks, it also looks damned expensive for what you get, so this became X-wing on a budget... free rules was a good start...

(past the following into the address line)

of course, me being me, scale is still a problem... so going back to my rough equivalents:
the Falcon is a little under 3 X-wings long and a rebel transport is roughly 3 Falcon's long.
an X-wing is 3/4's the length of a Y-wing
an A-wing is 3/4's the length of an X-wing
not too fussed about the B-wing, it's longer than a Y, but will be in a different plane anyway, so is more easily fudged.

An obvious cheap source for fighters is Studio Bergstrom's 1 inch fighters, nice clean casts that fit together quite nicely, actually cheaper than the bendy Micro Machine stuff on eBay.
Deagostini Falcon, Bergstrom X-wings, Titanium Falcon

first problem, a 3 inch ish Falcon - so far the Titanium is perfect for length (ignore the absence of key components, had dismantled it to see about tarting it up), but is a fat one, and is in fact fatter than the larger Deagostini 3.5 inch Falcon, the raised corridor sections that lead to the lateral docking rings stand far too high and just look silly - so high in fact that there is a massive flat area on the end with no detail, that the docking rings themselves just can't hide. As it's diecast (both are), that's a pig to try and fix. The Deagostini Falcon on the other hand is a lovely little model, very trim and looks like it could outrun just about anything.... but is technically too large for the Bergstrom rebel fighters...
bizarrely, this has now taken me back to that picture of the Action Fleet Blockade Runner, pity they go for so much nowadays.

Deagostini Falcon, Bergstrom TIE, X-wing, Y-wing, A-wing and TIE bomber, Mircomachines TIE bomber, Micromachines plastic Falcon (2 inches).

now, in my mind the TIE's look great with the bigger Falcon. The Y-wing is too small for the X-wing, the A-wing works with the X-wing ok, but just looks  better with the much smaller MM Falcon. the MM TIE bomber is a good match for the Bergstrom TIES and that will become a TIE boarding craft I think.

now I think I can just about ignore the slightly undersized X-wings, I've seen online that the Starship Battles Y's are good against the Bergstrom X's. I'd kind of prefer a slightly larger A-wing against the Falcon (because lets face it, I'm using that one regardless - it's just such a nice model).

The transport is the ERTL/MPC Hoth base one, 9 inches long and again perfect for either of the two diecast Falcon's. The Hoth base Falcon is 5 inches and would probably work really with Micromachine fighters (as everything is roughly 2 inches long in that range, the X-wing would work really well). I'd already started tarting that up, but may end up eBaying it.

so, any one got a SSB A-wing that they put a length to?

Down the line, I'm going to need to acquire something for the Empire - Slave 1 is always a fun option, but also need some objectives - shuttles or cargo ships are a good one...

Star Wars fleet scales

ok, bit of a phantom post this one, this is just to give my next post a bit more context and to get the information posted... a while back I had a hankering for some fleet scale Star Wars action and started researching what was available. This lot is kind of a summary of those notes:

roughly, not exactly, but roughly...

so, an Imperial Shuttle is roughly the same length as Slave 1, both are roughly 4/5 the length of the Falcon
the Falcon could be roughly either a quarter or half the size of a Rebel Transport (depending on the website you read)
a Rebel Transport should be roughly half the size of a Blockade Runner
a Blockade Runner should be roughly half the size of the Nebulon B, and should be a tenth of the size of a Star Destroyer
a Nebulon B should be roughly a quarter the size of an MC80, roughly a fifth the size of a Star Destroyer and roughly half the size of an Interdictor
an MC80 should be slightly smaller than a Star Destroyer

I'm not concerned with fighters, because they'll be way out and I have an idea there anyway... nor is the Viscount Defender or SSD Executor viable on a table...
The overall goal being this - a (what I now believe to be a Titanium) Falcon with an Action Fleet Blockade Runner - different ranges, but work together:

I ended up with the following list of ships and scales:

Millenium Falcon Fine Molds  1/144
Slave 1 Anigrand  1/144
Millenium Falcon Anigrand 1/144
Imperial Shuttle Anigrand 1/144
Imperial Landing Craft Anigrand 1/144
Slave 1 Action Fleet 1/149
Imperial Shuttle Action Fleet 1/153
Millenium Falcon Action Fleet 1/199
Imperial Shuttle Hallmark Ornament 1/247
Slave 1 Tomy 1/327
Rebel Transport Micromachine Playset 1/338
Millenium Falcon Titanium 1/340 ish
Imperial Shuttle FToys 1/350
Slave 1 FToys 1/350
Rebel Transport Airfix/AMT diorama 1/375
Imperial Shuttle Titanium 1/381
Imperial Landing Craft Micromachine 1/386
Imperial Landing Craft Titanium 1/494
Imperial Shuttle Starship Battles 1/571
Imperial Shuttle Micromachine Playset 1/632
Imperial Shuttle Micromachine 1/634
Millenium Falcon Micromachine 1/717
Republic Cruiser/Corellian Gunship Action Fleet 1/747
Blockade Runner Action Fleet 1/833
Imperial Landing Craft Micromachine Playset 1/437
Millenium Falcon Tomy 1/470
Slave 1 Starship Battles 1/484
Slave 1 Micromachine 1/490
Imperial Landing Craft Titanium 1/494
Rebel Transport Titanium 1/938
Nebulon B Arvey Model Products 1/1000
Blockade Runner De Agostini 1/1402
Rebel Transport Micromachine 1/1475
Rebel Transport Starship Battles 1/1475
Blockade Runner Titanium 1/1500
Millenium Falcon Studio Bergstrom 1/2000 ish
Nebulon B Anigrand 1/2096
Blockade Runner Odyssey Slipways (Tantive IV) 1/2256
Rebel Cruiser/Corellian Gunship Odyssey Slipways 1/2256
Star Destroyer Anigrand (Avenger) 1/2256 as an Imperial class
MC80 (Liberty) Anigrand 1/2256
Blockade Runner Starship Battles 1/2361
Nebulon B Scale Solutions 1/2400
Blockade Runner Micromachine 1/2578
Nebulon B Titanium 1/2633
Blockade Runner Anigrand 1/2740
Star Destroyer MPC/AMT 1/4222 as an Imperial Class
Nebulon B Arvey Model Products 1/4222
Blockade Runner 1/4222
Nebulon B Starship Battles 1/4255
Nebulon B Micromachine 1/4650
Blockade Runner Hallmark Ornament 1/6508
Rebel Assualt Frigate Starship Battles 1/7865
MC80 (Home One) Starship Battles 1/9172
Rebel Assault Frigate A Odyssey Slipways 1/10000
Rebel Assault Frigate B Odyssey Slipways 1/10000
Carrack-class Cruiser Odyssey Slipways 1/10000
Blockade Runner Odyssey Slipways 1/10000
Carrier Corvette Odyssey Slipways 1/10000
Republic Cruiser/Corellian Gunship Odyssey Slipways 1/10000
CR20 Transport Odyssey Slipways 1/10000
Rebel Fleet Carrier Odyssey Slipways 1/10000
Imperial Escort Carrier Odyssey Slipways 1/10000
Interdictor Odyssey Slipways 1/10000
Lancer-class Frigate Odyssey Slipways 1/10000
Star Destroyer Odyssey Slipways (Enforcer) 1/10000 as a ?
MC80 Odyssey Slipways 1/10000
MC80a Odyssey Slipways 1/10000
MC80b Odyssey Slipways 1/10000
Nebulon B Odyssey Slipways 1/10000
Nebulon B2 Odyssey Slipways 1/10000
Star Destroyer Odyssey Slipways 1/10000 as a Victory Class
Dreadnaught Odyssey Slipways (Old Republic Hvy Cruiser) 1/10000
MC80 (Liberty)  Starship Battles 1/11199
Star Destroyer Hallmark Ornament 1/12121 as Imperial Class
Star Destroyer Starship Battles 1/14418 as Imperial Class
Star Destroyer Studio Bergstrom (Ascendancy) 1/14545 as Imperial Class
Star Destroyer De Agostini 1/14679 as Imperial Class
Star Destroyer FToys 1/15000 as Imperial Class
MC80 Home One Micromachine 1/16369
MC80 Liberty  Micromachine 1/17050
Interdictor Studio Bergstrom 1/17142
Carrack-class Cruiser Studio Bergstrom (Cunning) 1/19444
Dreadnaught Studio Bergstrom (Dread) 1/20000
Star Destroyer Studio Bergstrom (Inquisitor) 1/20000 as Imperial Class
Star Destroyer Studio Bergstrom (Vanguard) 1/20000 as Victory Class
MC80 Studio Bergstrom 1/23333
MC80a Studio Bergstrom (MC85) 1/23333
Star Destroyer Studio Bergstrom (Vanquisher) 1/25714 as Victory Class
Super Star Destroyer Odyssey Slipways 1/50000
Star Destroyer Odyssey Slipways 1/50000
Dreadnaught Odyssey Slipways 1/50000
Interdictor Odyssey Slipways 1/50000
Star Destroyer Micromachine 1/239294 as Imperial Class

and, for completeness sake, could still do with scales for:
Millenium Falcon Starship Battles
Republic Cruiser/Corellian Gunship Starship Battles
Slave 1 Titanium
Imperial Interdictor Starship Battles

Hope that's all of some use to someone out there...

Tuesday 10 September 2013

panelling WIP

ok, not the best pics, and a very messy WIP (g/s mainly and some black paint as I realised I had some overhangs that would only prove trickier down the line) 

Upstairs view of the hall - upstairs window still to be cut out in case you were wondering:

And the downstairs main hall, the little laser cut panels don't half show up some hinky angles. The Tudor panesl are a very cool new product from Fenris - but even the slightest out right angle is visible, so that's been fiddled and hidden as best as I can. Final paint job should hide all of that:

Also, a couple of doors have been shifted slightly to allow for the panels to fit nicely, annoying, but minor - although I hadn't really considered the panels back when I did the basic build, so still a learning curve...

Fireplace is scratch built after all, as are the stairs and bannisters (toothpicks and Empire Knight heads for the panther heads), hatch in the back has a ring courtesy of some Empire bit I forget, need to do the render in there. Still pondering stone for the outer lower walls...

Monday 9 September 2013

Frothers Charity Thingy - now with added Tanks...

sigh... Tank Girl...
Here we go again in another shameless attempt to raise as much money for Charity as possible
The Next Frothers Charity Thingy

Most of you will know how this works by now but, those who don’t, here’s what it’s all about…

Every year(ish) we try and raise a few bob for Charities; specifically Cancer Research and the MS Society...

We do this by producing some very special miniatures and you do this by making a donation direct to the charities via two dedicated Just Giving pages. But, more of that later.

We’re extremely pleased that this time, in addition to our ‘usual suspects’ we’ve recruited a few new ones

Cast & Crew:

Miniature sculpting genius (read that as you will) Kev White of Hasslefree Miniatures needs no introduction (although he does regularly need a stepladder if anyone has a spare). Friend to the Gurkhas and all round top bloke.

Ian ‘Geronimo’ Brumby of Fenris Games and Cthulu Wars is also back again and this time we’ve let him off basing duties so he can make something bigger, much bigger assuming the tentacles don’t get him first…..

Jo ‘Snuurg’ Brumby is also back for a second year on creature duties – we’re really grateful both the guys are finding time to help us especially with how busy they are – stars, the pair of them.

Steve ‘Relic’ Blunt is another who’s a glutton for punishment – he’s a relative newcomer to the putty pushing lark but, as anyone who saw last year’s Aquila knows, he’s a bit handy

And where would we be without a mould maker and caster? Nowhere, that’s where. Luckily they don’t come much better than Pete Brown. He makes a lousy cup of coffee but, thankfully, he’s much better with rubber and white metal.

The Mystery Frother – once again we’re incredibly thankful to the assistance of the MF who has, most generously, offered to subsidise the postage – without his help this project would be almost impossible to run.

And joining up for the first time we welcome aboard

Nigel Higgins, a man who had enough sense to get out of the gaming industry but still, thankfully, retains several odd habits like supporting West Ham and searching for ghosts. He’s also a master of cutting up and sticking little bits of plasticard together so we’ve put him in charge of the fiddly bits.

Offering advice and assistance to Nigel and Ian is Ian Crouch; a danger to Kentish wildlife and a man once described as ‘looking like a psychopathic Russian hitman’. Personally I think that’s a bit hard on psychopathic Russian hitmen.

Last, but by no means, least, we’re incredibly grateful to top artist and all round good egg, Rufus Dayglo for the artwork for this years’ postcard. Ruf is possibly best known for his work drawing the Nesquik Rabbit (ducks and runs for cover) as well as 2000AD, DC Comics, Tank Girl and many, many others.

We thought long and hard about the subject for this years’ Charity Thingy (no we didn’t) – trying to find a character that accurately sums up what Frothers is all about; loud, anarchic, foul-mouthed, probably a bit smelly and having an unhealthy interest in animals, guns and armoured vehicles. It could only be the one, and only…


Last time we raised £9,000 for the 2 charities – this time we want to raise a lot more.

To aid this…

Kev will be sculpting Tankie
Steve will be sculpting Booga
Jo will be sculpting Camp Koala
Ian (assisted by Nige & the other Ian) will be sculpting the Tank. Yes, you heard that right, the Tank!

Tank Girl, Booga & Camp Koala will be cast in white metal and limited to 200 casting initially and each Tank Girl miniature will be accompanied by an exclusive Rufus Dayglo postcard.

The Tank will be cast in resin and will be available in much more limited numbers.

So how do I get one?

Simple make a donation to one (or both) of the charities via the Just Giving pages:

Cancer Research:

MS Society: ... ityThingy2 ... ityThingy1

And then, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT, send us an e-mail to including:

1) Your Name
2) The address you want the mini(s) sent to
3) Your Just Giving donation reference number

If you don’t do this we don’t know where to send them!

How much of money should I donate?

All of it, of course! Seriously, we want to raise as much as is possible.

Suggested donations are:
Tank Girl £20
TG, Booga & Camp Koala £35
TG, Booga, Camp Koala and the Tank £70

When will I get them?

We’re hoping to have the sculpts ready to show by Dec 1 and going off for casting as soon as possible afterwards – veterans will know that this doesn’t always go to plan; everyone involved is doing this in their spare time for nothing – no individual or company makes anything out of this so please be patient and we’ll try (for once) to get everything out to you as soon as humanly possible.

Cheers, and many thanks,


Tank Girl was created by Alan Martin and Jamie Hewitt – without them this wouldn't be happening

sadly, all the tanks are now allocated, but that shouldn't stop anyone...

Monday 26 August 2013

Snatch Land Rover

A terrible picture, but not much to see anyway. I took advantage of the Model Zone liquidation sale and treated myself to the Airfix 1/48 Land Rover Patrol box set for £15. One of which of course, will (should) work perfectly alongside my very old (15 years plus) white metal Lanny. Of course, it's scaled correctly and as you can see from the picture, lines up frame wise quite nicely, but it's probably about 20 years older in design times. According to the bumpf it's been used since the 90's so I could fudge that into the mishmash of the UNIT timeline without too much trouble. I may pick up another set so I can have two armoured hard tops for the troops and the older soft top can be a command/scout vehicle. Ideally, I'd have got a Bedford 3-ton truck, but they go for a bomb as diecasts on eBay.

The second Lanny in the Airfix patrol kit is the WMIK, which is probably a bit too hardcore for fudging into the UNIT fluff as is. I may try and UNIT it yet, but somewhere in the back of my head I keep thinking it may work as a more realistic basis for the SAS Force Panther...

can't see the wood for the trees...

Well, the trees were de-sponged and re painted (and in the case of the smaller plain woodland scenics trees replaced), colours in the photo don't quite match for some reason. The bigger trees had additional branches added, so there was quite a bit more to redo on those, they look ok, but I won't know for sure until I come to add the foliage, which I have been trying to do for a couple of days now. On consultation with a few folks, I've tried PVA and Superglue, but not holding at all (apart from a couple of flecks which you may see), but I may need a better application method.

Monday 29 July 2013


well July appears to have escaped me... the manor house is waiting on some laser cut panelling from Fenris Games and I really want to get that bit done before moving on to other bits... I've been working on the trees, but am not 100% happy with the finish look, the heat hasn't really helped I have to admit (and Borderlands has been it's own time sink), but my plan for them just isn't working out - I now need to decide if I glue clump on top of what I have or strip it back and some more branches... I fear the latter is more likely. Just need some decent clump foliage.

Wednesday 26 June 2013

basic build done...

ok, basic build is done, some little kinks to fix, narrow gaps mainly where the floors meet, but they are easy enough to solve...

forgot to cut a window in the attic at the very back - will do that later... actually, I had to replace that entire wall as it was a slight warp, measure twice and all that... hell, measuring once would be novel, I tend to cut a piece and then cut the other pieces to match... which isn't really recommended.

and so the attic - perfect for staff quarters, storage, dormitory or strange and vile experiments in the dark arts...

so, next (after the gap filling) is some detail both in and out, bannisters and so on, chimney is going to go here:

but waiting on a fireplace before I commit. Then the beaming begins... I may take a break before then though, just to recharge.

Sunday 23 June 2013

first floor WIP

first floor walls up... I haven't quite decided on windows in that end wall just yet, or door placement for the room at the top of the stairs, so those need working on...

I couldn't do balsa for floorboards as normal, due to the thickness, so I bit the bullet and carved the floor boards into the foampvc for the first floor, quite chuffed with the finish...

I also redid the stairs, made from scratch from foampvc, toothpicks, plasticard and a cocktail stick, which means they match the ones I had to make for the access to the attic.

Monday 17 June 2013

the pub/manor/farmhouse WIP

ok, basic walls for the pub/manor/farmhouse

some interior walls needed, stairs aren't attached just yet... most furnishings won't be, so I can swap out for pub/homely furniture and so on...

I've altered the original footprint, so the building conforms slightly more to the classic T plan, this just meant narrowing the main hall - which has actually helped with a problem I hadn't forseen with the overhang needing to cover the bay window, it would have stuck out too much if it was flush with the main door wall as it was... this way is much better.

have skimped a bit on windows, I want a few plain walls to have some flexiblity with adjacent buildings/lean-to's and the upper floor will have plenty of light down into the hall... it should make sense... there will be a small back room for shady dealings and a hefty door - a cellar hatch gives some scope for smuggling and a passage into the neighbouring stables to avoid the local constable.

Wednesday 12 June 2013

Dome Tents

remember that dome tent I made a while back?

Well, it's now available from Ainsty - I did another with the flap undone and the pair can be got for £4....

not my picture by the way - haven't even come close to painting those - but has got me thinking about getting on with that lot now... and I'm trying to build a pub and a wood at the same time... sigh...

Friday 31 May 2013

foliage test

ok, following on from the sponge, it's painted dark green (which is not as easy as you'd think), leaf flock on top - needs some touching up, but on the whole it looks good from a distance, but close up, there are spots that just look too much like sponge... I'd hoped the holes would give a more layered feeling to the foliage, some depth, but not 100% it's worked...

may fill some too spongey bits with clump and reflock... or just go all clump...

Tuesday 21 May 2013

A Field In England trailer

bit disappointed to be honest, looks too arthouse in such clean, well lit black and white - from the poster I was hoping for something a bit closer to 60's cinema, even in B&W, there was a quality that you just don't see there...

Friday 17 May 2013

Dredd 3D

actually finished these a while back, but was hoping to get the Lawmasters done, but not realise the month is really storming past...

I suspect that one will have to end up as Dredd, as the other guy is left handed...

hopefully, some transport will be forthcoming for these chaps - and I do have an idea for the Ma-Ma Clan...

some Folky WIPs

hadn't forgotten this, just slightly sidelined...

first off, the long planned bit of woodland... even though I have a small area, Silent Invader's excellent FIW woodland on a noticeboard just goes to show what can fit, but I've been a bit more modest - so far...

a test with some sponge... with leaf flock it should look ok I reckon... the sponge is just to give the foliage some body...

and the rest:

I kind of liked the GW plastic trees for their creepiness, so I knew I needed some gnarled big old things and made three using some balsa for the main trunk, lots and lots of wire (god that took a long time) and tissue paper and pva glue... there is some texture in there, it's just hard to see in the pics... as you can see, they are on CD bases, and I may have gone a bit OTT, but go back a couple of hundred years and you should have had some pretty old and big trees out and about... I hope...

and some Woodland Scenics jobbies for some younger growth, this time on minidisc bases, with the join hidden by the same tissue and pva and to help match them up to the larger ones... I have some more of these, but want to see how many I'd really need before I go nuts. The branches on these meant they didn't really look right on CD's, but Silent Invader's ones do continue to inspire...

and, for the river section dock, a removable jetty... it slots in perfectly and should give a bit of variety

Monday 6 May 2013

Judge Minty

the fan film Judge Minty has been released and is rather tops...

some bloody impressive CGI in there...

Sunday 14 April 2013

Urban Judges WIP

conversion WIP... still a bit to do, some cleaning up, couple of superglue splurges, but on the whole I'm quite chuffed...

buggered about with Mantic Corporation Marines, cut down GW Cadian pattern Las Pistols, GW Chaos Militia shotgun, press mold of a Mongoose Dredd (as my original plan to use clix dredd heads was ruined by the fact they were mahoosive), greenstuffed shoulder pads and badges...

I gave up on holsters, they don't really stand out in the film, but they bloody did to fit that Lawgiver on the mini, so skipped it completely (hence g/s pouch where a pouch was removed) especially as the Judge with the shotgun doesn't even have a holstered Lawgiver in the film, so he got the grenades, obviously some kind of support role.

Monday 8 April 2013

and March went where exactly?

OK, have fallen short there with March - so much for at least an update a month... but in my defence, I'm waiting for loads of stuff to arrive - I need some Judge helmets to finish my Urban Judges - waiting on an order from Wayland Games, waiting on some goodies from Ainsty to do some new buildings, need to sort out a church before I start on my graveyard as it will need to fit... I did dig out my Draconians though for some reason, the female noble is quite nicely done (ears are a bit iffy though) and I'm quite chuffed with the paper construct bodyguard... just need to get in a painting mood there...

Wednesday 20 February 2013


OK, this may be a bit silly, the wrong side of the Atlantic and maybe fifty years early, but then what the hell...

Warlock is a surprisingly good bit of 80's nonsense and, Satanic time storm and the bit with nipple eyes aside, actually has a fair bit of proper 17th century magic in it... of course, that goes by the time they did the sequel (which also had Jedi Druids and Stonehenge in California and I can't escape the feeling the 3rd one was filmed in Norfolk), but for this one there is a fair bit of folklore involved - even nails into the witches footprint...
a good example is the main ingredient for a flying balm - in this case the fat of an unbaptised child... ok, the Malleus Maleficarum, or at least my translation, has it down as the limbs of an unbaptised child, but boiling the whole child down has a bit more panache... so here he is, in flight...

I didn't want the mini too high from the base, so it could still fit in buildings and so on. I also originally planned something of a more arms out pose, but then that made him look like he was jumping up, and the crossed arms is a tad more arogant...

I must admit, I'm not 100% with the conversion work (Warlord ECW infantryman, Warlord Zulu for the feet) or the paint job, and having acquired some dullcote (and all but finished Red Dead Redemption) may have rushed the last bit and duffed the face a wee bit... but anyway, it's silly...