Thursday 16 March 2023

Some scatter terrain…

 After acquiring the ACW cannon crew, I have a cannon or two going, so figured a bit of scatter terrain would be in order… a spiked and long since abandoned cannon, perhaps the rate that nature reclaimed it isn’t entirely natural.

Vampire Bat

Vampire Bat for the Silver Bayonet, he’s a big bugger on a 40mm base, bigger than I expected from Etsy, but we should now realise I don’t always learn when it comes to 3D prints. Lovely model though.


Cult Followers

More bandits, this lot as deserters who have turned to unspeakable cult worship. The first two are normal plastic infantry with jackets and pack straps scraped back and a greenstuff shirt and rear straps added. Too laborious for the whole dozen needed, so I found the Perry ACW crew and drafted them in for the rest. Hoods from the Frostgrave Cultist sprue.



Some deserters to proxy as bandits in the Silver Bayonet. I wanted an out of uniform look, so need shirtsleeves and waistcoats. These came from the Perry ACW cannon crew with arms and heads from various Napoleonic bits I’m accumulating, with sleeves cut down to remove cuffs and shoulder dressing.

Silver Bayonet Cultist

A cultist for the Silver Bayonet, a Crooked Dice villain with a head swap as he had a very neat haircut and I wanted him to fit in more with my bandits/deserters/cultists. He also had a accident with his dagger so one was drafted in from a GW ghost body that I hadn’t used when I did my sheet ghosts.