Sunday 10 December 2023

More British for The Silver Bayonet

Couple more options for the British roster, a junior officer and a light cavalryman. No interest in painting another horse.

The junior officer is from Warlord. I got it from eBay and turns out it’s only available as part of an army bundle. A nice, quirky model.

The cavalryman is from Perry. Unlike the Perry French they don’t do a dismounted sprue, so had to get one of the metal ones. I picked up a single sprue for the cavalryman and modified one of the French horses, so the bedroll looked more like the British one, the rest I put down to looted gear.

Thursday 7 December 2023

CD bases

So, November got away from me. Some more Silver Bayonet figures on the horizon, just need to varnish. In the meantime, a recent post on the Silver Bayonet Facebook page reminded me I did a load of CD scatter terrain a while back and never shared it. I’ve added a tag of CD Bases to old posts just to highlight them. These are mainly standard CDs, with the very last of the mini CDs I had stashed.

Rocks are tree bark from Geek Gaming Scenics, with some spiral carved rocks from Fenris Games. A slightly modified (it was a miscast freebie from the ever generous Ian) mausoleum is also from Fenris Games. Other scatter is intended to give a more blasted heath feel, with slight dirt uplifts and broken ground. I cut back on the flowers for those ones. Anyway, photo dump…