Friday 31 January 2014

the Gabriel Hounds

Some supernatural beasties that have been planned for a while, but I needed the right canine body. Gabriel Hounds (also called Gabble Hounds for the noise they make as they fly across the sky - which was probably just geese) are said to be born by the death of unbaptised children and have the heads of humans. The heads in this case are from the werewolf head sprues from Maxmini, the wolf body is from MiniatureMojo's Scavenge Skirmish Survive range - they have 3 different types available, but I prefered the hunched pose.

Not my best paint jobs, I hate doing fur as it never allows me to blend like I normally do, plus I wasn't happy with the white (definitely need to buy the very intriguing White set from Andrea Color). And they had to be white according to legend, with red ears - I had planned on blending the ears in to the white, but the fur around the heads put paid to that.

If I ever get the chance to do an Akula and get my own mini's made up, these are the first things I'll have made...

At The Muppets of Madness

A thought popped into my head as I was painting this Faceless Horror from Reaper and it kind of ruined it all for me... what should be a writhing mass of teeth, eyes and pseudopods suddenly took on the air of a singing Muppet... I think it's the teeth...

so many singing mouths... mind you, in true Lovecraftian style, painting it will drive you mad as you keep finding one more sodding eye.

a quick rebasing

ok, that was Christmas out of the way, and I struggled a wee bit to get back into the swing, but to start with a quick rebase for an old figure that was for a planned Slaine type affair, but will equally do muster for the Folk Horror stuff... a crone for the maiden Angel Blake...