Tuesday 29 October 2013

the Apostle WIP

A little WIP, undecided on hair (again), also need to get some different heads...

As I had the idea for him, he became affectionately known as John Wootton in my head, although I quite like the nickname The Apostle as well... I had thought of Red Right Hand as well, but that fits more of a organisation, so will save that for my Church hunters.

The body is from the Warlord Pike & Shotte infantry sprue, arms and boots from the command sprue (Warlord is currently offering the sprues for half price if anyone is interested - or were last time I looked anyway). The head is of course another Hasslefree one.

Monday 21 October 2013

more walls and doors

quick update, despite the time between updates, nothing much appears to have been done, but it has, and undone, and picked apart, and then repairs made, and then done again...

very poor photo, but hopefully you can see some detail on the doors, there are two doors with a little viewing hatch in, one will be the front door, the other will be swappable with the back door or the door into the back room den as needed. door handles are to follow, I have an idea, but it will have to wait until after payday.

starting to think of furniture and decorations, need animal heads for the walls...