Saturday 21 October 2023

Sci-fi City Block WIP 5

Some alternate buttress toppers for when the eagles don’t fit the theme. Made from plasticard, foampvc and some spares for the old Palitoy Millennium Falcon that I got cheap. Magnetised as the eagles.

Sunday 8 October 2023

Friday 29 September 2023

Sci-fi City Block WIP 3

Art Deco eagles for a Mega-City One flavour. The eagle heads are from a TTCombat building corner gargoyle set, which I can no longer find on their site now. Pimped them up with various precut MDF pieces from eBay for the body and wings.

Lord Summerisle was weekending on my desk.


Monday 25 September 2023

Sci-fi City Block WIP 2

 So… yeah, bigger than planned, but I’m liking it. Feels right. Hope the paint job feels as right. Planning on setting specific magnetised signs and statues to keep it flexible.

Saturday 19 August 2023

Sci-fi City Block

 Part of my vague Mega-City terrain, a corner piece to represent a cityblock or any building really. Made with a foam base structure, chipboard/cardboard cladding, then thin plasticard on the board to allow panels and greebles… the Maelstrom’s Edge greeble sprue will come in handy. Random unfinished block gang member for scale.

And this will go between them. Bits from a Playmobil airport and foam. It will get the same cladding as above, so hopefully it will all work together. I need more foampvc to do the base before I go any further. 

It’s also much bigger than I anticipated. Could be an issue, but plowing on regardless. If it’s too big to store, watch for eBay… 😂

Tuesday 25 July 2023

Sci-fi urban tiles

A change of pace, some modular tiles intended for Judge Dredd primarily, but will be pretty generic. Utilising the Kill-Team friendly tiles from Fire Dragon Games. I have a set of four, but space means I can only really work on one at a time.

The tile texture is scribed into foam-pvc in 20mm squares. The big step was cutting the hole in the foam insert, but it’s worked so far. It theoretically will house inserts for an airlock, an industrial grinder, a sump pool and just blank tiles. The odd grey tile is from the Maelstrom’s Edge terrain sprue, which was happily a 20mm square.


Sunday 16 July 2023

More vampires…

And a couple more vampires, this time from the official North Star range and evocative of the Fearless Vampire Killers. They match well enough with the Oldman Vlad. She is a beast though in metal, so many magnets for storage to keep her in place.


More changelings…

So May and June ran away from me. Did some bits, now and then, but life, heat and depression got in the way. Anyhoo…

 So, I was a changeling short for the base rules and ordered the standing blight from the same Etsy seller who ended up sending me another crouching one as well. All set for changeling needs now.

Wednesday 26 April 2023

British and French recruits

First off, the doctor for the French unit, as previewed in the WIP post.

British and French Marines. The Royal Marine was actually a figure I first made for my deserter bandit idea, but that was improved (see earlier post), but I really liked the pose, so lost the deserter head, cleaned up his whites and converted a RM top hat from a spare Perry shako head, due to his deserter background he has a random side bag and his pack is from the Victrix Highlanders I have. It’s been a while but I think the arms are Victrix Highlander as well on a Perry body. The French Marine is from the Perry Elite French sprue, which has the fancier hats, although those plumes like to snap. 

British and French Grenadiers. Pretty much straight from the sprue.


Investigation markers

Made a couple more investigation markers, just as the bits were to hand. The new ones are a couple of wolf heads on stakes (the heads were originally from the Gabriel Hounds bodies), a GW notice board (sans skulls) and a leg from a Perry sprue.


Another abandoned cannon

Another cannon that came free with the AWI crew I used for the bandit deserters, so broken up and overgrown again to give some scatter terrain.


Monday 3 April 2023

A French Unit

 No fluff for these yet, but painted the French unit.

The officer is from a Victrix sprue with a Perry head. Sadly the Victrix sprue isn’t brilliant, but this figure was fine.

A Supernatural Investigator, the first variation from the building a squad from a sprue, another figure from the Perry Royal Navy Landing Party. I figured he had a student of the Revolution look about him.

A pioneer, straight from the Perry sprue. Nothing sophisticated here.

A dragoon for a light cavalryman, from Perry and separate from the build WIP post. The Perry dismounted dragoon is a lovely figure so I had to try for a cavalry unit. This is the second horse I’ve ever painted (well third including the folk horror Oss), the first was a mounted Elf hero for a friend’s WHFB army in the very late eighties, so I was probably overdue. Lovely figures and definitely tempted to do more.

A guardsman, this is another difference to the build WIP post, the original was from the Victrix sprue but as I progressed I went off it and went back to the Perry sprue, which just confirms that you can get a decent squad from a single sprue.

And a couple of infantrymen, again nothing exciting, straight from the Perry sprue.

I have a doctor and a vivandiere that will give an option for the remaining ten requisition points.

Black Dogs

The last items on the bestiary for the core rule book are Black Dogs. I did one a couple of years back for my folk horror project, but needed two for the Silver Bayonet. I wasn’t going to attempt to match the conversion work I did then, so needed two more. I had these 3D printed Wargs, and they will do for now. I’m not really sold on them, but they’ll do.

Thursday 16 March 2023

Some scatter terrain…

 After acquiring the ACW cannon crew, I have a cannon or two going, so figured a bit of scatter terrain would be in order… a spiked and long since abandoned cannon, perhaps the rate that nature reclaimed it isn’t entirely natural.

Vampire Bat

Vampire Bat for the Silver Bayonet, he’s a big bugger on a 40mm base, bigger than I expected from Etsy, but we should now realise I don’t always learn when it comes to 3D prints. Lovely model though.


Cult Followers

More bandits, this lot as deserters who have turned to unspeakable cult worship. The first two are normal plastic infantry with jackets and pack straps scraped back and a greenstuff shirt and rear straps added. Too laborious for the whole dozen needed, so I found the Perry ACW crew and drafted them in for the rest. Hoods from the Frostgrave Cultist sprue.



Some deserters to proxy as bandits in the Silver Bayonet. I wanted an out of uniform look, so need shirtsleeves and waistcoats. These came from the Perry ACW cannon crew with arms and heads from various Napoleonic bits I’m accumulating, with sleeves cut down to remove cuffs and shoulder dressing.