Thursday 4 July 2019

EM4 ships and X-Wing

So, I’m picking up the occasional ship for X-Wing still when cheap, with 2nd edition now out it’s easier to get the cards than the models, so a bit of creative licence might be in the offing. So I picked up the spruce of plastic ships from EM4 Miniatures. I’m mainly trying to get a small Scum & Villainy selection, so a bit of a ragtag feel would not go amiss. As you can see, some could work for smaller stuff like the M3-A Interceptor (the pic below is the best comparison I could find online and puts the M3-A at about the length of the Y-Wing engine), or with a bit work a Kihraxz fighter. The more true to scale A-Wing is comparable, and the scaleable Snowspeeder from the Hoth ERTL kits suggest a possible source of Scum speeders for Ground Assault as well. The unpainted X-Wing from the same Hoth kits will eventually make some decent Z-95 Headhunters.