Wednesday 26 April 2023

British and French recruits

First off, the doctor for the French unit, as previewed in the WIP post.

British and French Marines. The Royal Marine was actually a figure I first made for my deserter bandit idea, but that was improved (see earlier post), but I really liked the pose, so lost the deserter head, cleaned up his whites and converted a RM top hat from a spare Perry shako head, due to his deserter background he has a random side bag and his pack is from the Victrix Highlanders I have. It’s been a while but I think the arms are Victrix Highlander as well on a Perry body. The French Marine is from the Perry Elite French sprue, which has the fancier hats, although those plumes like to snap. 

British and French Grenadiers. Pretty much straight from the sprue.


Investigation markers

Made a couple more investigation markers, just as the bits were to hand. The new ones are a couple of wolf heads on stakes (the heads were originally from the Gabriel Hounds bodies), a GW notice board (sans skulls) and a leg from a Perry sprue.


Another abandoned cannon

Another cannon that came free with the AWI crew I used for the bandit deserters, so broken up and overgrown again to give some scatter terrain.


Monday 3 April 2023

A French Unit

 No fluff for these yet, but painted the French unit.

The officer is from a Victrix sprue with a Perry head. Sadly the Victrix sprue isn’t brilliant, but this figure was fine.

A Supernatural Investigator, the first variation from the building a squad from a sprue, another figure from the Perry Royal Navy Landing Party. I figured he had a student of the Revolution look about him.

A pioneer, straight from the Perry sprue. Nothing sophisticated here.

A dragoon for a light cavalryman, from Perry and separate from the build WIP post. The Perry dismounted dragoon is a lovely figure so I had to try for a cavalry unit. This is the second horse I’ve ever painted (well third including the folk horror Oss), the first was a mounted Elf hero for a friend’s WHFB army in the very late eighties, so I was probably overdue. Lovely figures and definitely tempted to do more.

A guardsman, this is another difference to the build WIP post, the original was from the Victrix sprue but as I progressed I went off it and went back to the Perry sprue, which just confirms that you can get a decent squad from a single sprue.

And a couple of infantrymen, again nothing exciting, straight from the Perry sprue.

I have a doctor and a vivandiere that will give an option for the remaining ten requisition points.

Black Dogs

The last items on the bestiary for the core rule book are Black Dogs. I did one a couple of years back for my folk horror project, but needed two for the Silver Bayonet. I wasn’t going to attempt to match the conversion work I did then, so needed two more. I had these 3D printed Wargs, and they will do for now. I’m not really sold on them, but they’ll do.