Monday 12 August 2019

Miller Time (new pics)...

[OK, since I moved house, I've not done any photos of stuff and discovered last week that my new place isn't blessed for lighting like my old place was (skylight and sloped white roof to reflect an anglepoise), so treated myself to a new lightbox, with a built in LED strip, nice and bright, but I need to keep tinkering with my camera I think - anyhoo newer better pics below...]

Finally, here is the watermill...

I added a dovecote to the front wall to cover the expanse of wall without any real feature. Quite happy with it, although it's not that clear. I'll have to redo these pics at some point.

The millstones, cogs and bits are all scratchbuilt, the stairs are from Fenris Games.

The grain sacks are from Ainsty Castings Trade Goods range.

And it connects nicely within the existing river sections. The angled corner eliminates an awkward angle that was created by the adjoining river bank section. In fact I managed to match up the new bit to stuff done 4-5 years ago quite nicely even if I say so myself, but then managed to kill everything when I added gloss to all the pieces... so I had to do some remedial work to rescue them. You can see if you really examine it, but for now, it works for me.