Tuesday 21 February 2023

French unit for Silver Bayonet

Unemployment gives me a lot of time on my hands, so time to dig through the sprues and start the long planned French unit.

Using the sprues I have, I can do basic types like (back row) infantry (x2) and sapper from Perry, guardsman from Victrix with a lift to his shins and posture corrected with a Perry head. Front row is the officer from a Victrix sprue with a Perry head and a doctor and investigator from Perry sprues. I also have a light cavalry man still on the sprue and plans for a vivandiere, but I’ll have to either buy one or use the Becky Sharpe from Black Pyramid Games.

The investigator is one I’m not happy with I have to say, but it’ll do for now.

The sprues used were:

French Infantry Command 1807-14 FN250/260 from Perry

French Battalion FN250 from Perry 

And a French in Great Coats sprue with no ID from Victrix.

All said and done I could have cobbled a guardsman and an officer very easily from the Perry command sprue. I just fancied distinguishing them a bit more. Plus the coat allowed the guardsman’s height to be altered very easily (not that the Victrix are short, I wanted the guardsman to be big). 

But two sprues would be more than enough for a starter unit. Just the command sprue would be enough if you didn’t want more dynamic infantry poses, as they all appear to be shouldered muskets.