Monday, 29 August 2022

Some shipping container scatter

 A lazy bank holiday weekend doing some shipping container scatter terrain. I (like many projects) started these a while back…

So, as you may have noticed me mention, space is a limiting factor in all things, no space for any fancy tools especially, so ordered a load of mdf bases in various sizes from eBay. I could have gone foam core, but precise flat edges to mass produce a series of boxes was decidedly meh. The bases allowed a series of boxes, with 2mm foampvc for the sides which would give a slightly taller profile… if I hadn’t then proceeded to apparently keep the foampvc as the base. It’s not really noticeable in the grand scheme of things, just a thing I’d planned to take into account and then didn’t.

The frames were clad with corrugated craft card and the edges were done with L plastic strip. Didn’t have enough to do the seven I made so we’re down to six for now like some shite reality show.

Doors still to be done. These will mainly be for Dredd so they don’t need to be realistic really so may go do some kind of keypad. But some scatter suitable for modern onwards…

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Allison M. said...

Definitely a staple of any modern or near futuristic game board. They look pretty easy to make, it would be a fun project but oddly I can't find any good quality corrugated paper around here.

You should make some stencils and put company names on the sides of these. Umbrella Corporation, stuff like that 😄